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Helping Hand


Helping each other, help each other!

From our very conception, we at One Year Left have been driven, if not obsessed, with understanding the key foundational characteristics or traits that propel some individuals to succeed in life versus those with mediocre results in life? Is it simply a matter of choices one makes and the level of effort invested in a goal? Heck, is it more of who you know and not what you know?  And whatever that "thing" might be, could it be identified, isolated an replicated so that more of us could tap into those latent skills and abilities not yet manifested, …our potential!


So our intent is build a following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we intend to share processes and methods, proven effective in the intentional notion of doing what it takes for one to realize their potential. On the flip side of the coin, we want to also share those approaches that were found to be less effective at getting the job done, ideally we want our audience to avoid repeating those ineffective methods.

Feel free to start contributing – please join us on Facebook and Instgram ("CreateTheOutcomeYouChose") and Twitter ("OneYearLeft").

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